Конкурс знатоков английского языка 5 класс

Автор: | 06.01.2018

Неделя Языков

Конкурс знатоков английского языка-2012. 5йкласс

Цель: выбрать лучшего знатока английского языка среди учащихся 5-х классов, выявить уровень знаний, умений и навыков учащихся, развивать интерес учащихся к предмету

I. “My occupation”. Guess what their jobs are. Rearrange the letters.

1) You come to me if you want to buy some meat. (terhubc)

2) I dress people. I sew them clothes. (laroit)

3) I help my boss with papers. (resaycetr)

4) Who sells you fruit and vegetables? Me, of course! (negrogecer)

5) I played many roles in that theatre. (satrsec)

6) I am Rembrandt, Picasso and Shishkin in one person. (tsatir)

7) You call me if somebody robbed you. (nopelamic)

II. “Answer the questions”. Alison is interviewed. These are her answers. Write the questions.

8) ___? – I am 13.

9) ___? – I am a student.

10) ___? – Most of all I like to play the piano.

11) ___? – I was born in New York.

12) ___? – Yes, I do. My cat’s name is Garfield.

III. “Send me an SMS”. Decipher (расшифруй) SMSes. For example, “2B or not 2B” = “To be or not to be”. Match the phrases from column A with ones from column B:



13) BB

  1. thanks

14) B4

  1. please

15) RU

  1. I love you

16) gr8

  1. I don’t know

17) ILY

  1. great

18 pls

  1. Bye-bye

19) THX

  1. before

20) IDK

  1. Are you?

IV. Match the questions with their answers:

21) What do you do?

  1. Oh, yes! I’m running!

22) Bless you!

  1. Bye-bye!

23) How are you doing?

  1. The same to you!

24) Have a nice day!

  1. Thanks. I’m sorry.

25) See you!

  1. That’s OK.

26) Hi from five!

  1. I’m fine, thanks. And you?

27) Hurry up!

  1. I am a doctor.

28) I’m extremely sorry!

  1. Hello! Glad to see you!

V. Complete the sentences, using the correct present tense of the verbs in brackets

29) Afamousactor..........inaplayatthelocal theatre. (appear)

30) His story ........to be true.

31)Chris ...........you are right. (think)

32) George………….ofvisitingTurkeythis summer. (think)

33) I …………….. much better at the moment. (feel)

34) Thedirector………..…thatwillbeamistake. (feel)

35) Louisa …………….. the soup. She isn't sure she likes it. (taste)

36) This pasta ……………….. delicious. (taste)

37) Claudia ……………… her friend tomorrow. (see)

38) Now I ………… what the teacher means. (see)

VII. Peter Garret lives in the USA. His flat is 3. He lives in the city of Atlanta. The street is Washington st. His house is number 27. His friend Becky wants to write a letter to him. Help her to write his address correctly.


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